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WLCT fosters community-based conservation

You can help the Wilton Land Trust with its mission in many ways. Together, we can advance conservation efforts to enhance the forests and meadows we call home. We look to partner with our community, local businesses, and nonprofits to enrich our community and steward the environment. Put your skills, passions, and philanthropy to work by joining the WLCT. 


The WLT cares deeply about the condition of Wilton’s environment. It depends on its generous volunteers to maintain its 840+ acre portfolio of properties and keep its preserves and trails healthy and accessible. Together, we are building a community around nature and improving the quality of Wilton’s protected open spaces. Consider joining our volunteer team and signup today.

Scout Projects

The WLT proudly partners with our local Girl and Boy Scouts to steward open spaces and complete projects that benefit the greater Wilton community. We are dedicated to strengthening youth engagement with nature and the outdoors. If you are a scout and are looking for a service project, please contact us at inquiry@wiltonlandtrust.org


The WLT has expanded its internship opportunities to include a Spring, Summer, and Fall internship. This 13-week program provides a Wilton High School student with a professional opportunity to broaden their understanding of conservation science, assist with the administrative processes involved in land management, lead engaging workshops for the greater Wilton community, and more. If you are a WHS student and looking for a fun internship, please contact us at inquiry@wiltonlandtrust.org


We’re only able to do what we do, because of you. WLT’s members play a significant role in safeguarding and enhancing Wilton’s natural, scenic, cultural, and historical landscapes. Our members contribute to our mission of protecting, preserving, and improving Wilton’s open space. 100% of our operational funding comes from our Members. Your tax-deductible donation is a commitment to conservation and a gift to our community. Consider joining the WLCT today!

Considering a partnership with the WLT?

Have an exciting partnership idea? The WLT continues to partner for the environment and would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you’re considering a partnership with the WLCT, inquiry@wiltonlandtrust.org.

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