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Wilton Land Trust 

A community-focused nonprofit dedicated to conservation and community.

 2023 Annual Report

Learn what your land trust has been up to and how you can get more involved!


The WLT welcomes all to our kid-friendly and family workdays. Drop-offs are OK.

Stewardship Sundays are opportunities for people of all ages to get out there, improve the environment, and take home some skills to apply in their yard and garden. 

Get Involved

There are many ways you can help the Wilton Land Trust with its mission. Together, we can advance conservation efforts to enhance the forests and meadows we call home.

Put your skills, passions, and philanthropy to work by getting involved with the WLT


The WLT's efforts to preserve open space, protect biodiversity and restore wildlife habitat depend solely on the support of its members.

A gift today makes you a member and puts your support into action.


We are always looking for volunteers, students, and trail enthusiasts alike to help us keep our properties safe, clean, and open. 

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please click below for more information. 

Who We Are


Concerned by the residential subdivisions that were supplanting the places we once walked and hiked, the founders of Wilton Land Conservation Trust (the "Land Trust") sought to prevent the loss of Wilton’s unique natural, scenic, historical and recreational values. The Land Trust currently owns or holds conservation easements on 119 separate parcels totaling nearly 835 acres in Wilton. The WLCT actually owns outright 97 parcels covering 440 acres.


Closely tied to its community, the Land Trust is not a municipal government body, although it works in partnership with the Town of Wilton. The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is organized as a charitable organization that brings a variety of tax benefits to those who donate land, conservation easements, or funding. Because the Land Trust is a private organization, it can be flexible and creative in ways not possible for public agencies.


The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is led by an all-volunteer Board of Trustees made up of residents of Wilton. One hundred percent of its funding is derived from the generous support of local citizens, primarily through membership donations. It takes time, effort, and a long-term commitment to run the Land Trust because it must pledge to own land in perpetuity to maintain its charitable tax status.


Anyone wishing to preserve the woodlands, meadows, wetlands, and watercourses of Wilton in perpetuity can turn to the Land Trust — a group that understands the concerns of the community and the needs of the landowners. 

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