Dedicated to the Preservation of Open Spaces in Wilton

The mission of the Wilton Land Conservation Trust is to save the open spaces: the meadows, woodlands, swamps, and waterways that make Wilton a special place.

Together with land donors, volunteers, members, and town leaders, we have been able to identify, preserve and protect many of the natural assets within our town for the enjoyment of its residents. Many of the properties we have protected have special historic, ecological, or aesthetic qualities.

Not only will these beautiful places be preserved for the enjoyment of our children and grandchildren, but their preservation will slow down developmental pressures on the town, and help retain the remaining rural character we all love and care about.

Look for the Wilton Land Conservation Trust Tree Marker identifying conserved properties throughout the Town. You’ll find lots of great information on our site about the unique attributes of the town’s land parcels. They are there for your enjoyment!

Preserve…  Protect…  Enjoy…