Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm

Millstone Farm, previously known as the Old Tito Farm and the Grassi Property, is a 71 acre parcel extending from Millstone Road to Whipstick Road for the entire length of Tito Lane. The property was preserved by the Town and the Grassi Family in 2001 when the town purchased a below market easement covering some 62 acres of the site. The property to many is known as the “Old Tito Farm”, remembering that the property was a dairy farm up until the early 1970’s operated by the family of Vinnie Tito, former First Selectman of Wilton.

Today, the house sits in part on the fieldstone foundation of the original barn, with a new barn geared to horses having been built to the south. The property hosts several horses and the fields are dotted with some 36 jumps, bridges and fords, which are not available to the general public.

The property is situated on a drumlin, providing spectacular views to the southeast of Keeler’s Ridge. On-site, nearly half of the acreage is open fields with old stonewalls and hedgerows delineating their boundaries. The wooded portion is dominated by an expansive and impassable wetland that the trail skirts around. In sharp contrast to the broad flat wetland, the northwestern most portion of the site has striking undulations in the topography providing a clear indication of the glacial origins of our landscape configurations.

Access to the property is provided by and restricted to a trail running between the northern end of Tito Lane and the southern corner of the property. For a longer walk, pedestrians can hook into the Norwalk River Watershed network of trails by following the white and blue blazes. Presently, one can opt to walk a short distance up Deer Run Road to the Woodcock Nature Center or head north up Turtleback to the Weir Preserve and Weir Farm National Historic Site. This network of trails is expected to grow in the coming years.

A reminder to users of this open space; the property is privately owned with the town having purchased an easement that ensures the site’s preservation and allows only limited access. Please stay on the marked trail.

Directions:From Wilton Center go north on Ridgefield Road (Rte 33). Turn right on to Nod Hill Rd. Follow Nod Hill approximately 2 miles to Whipstick Rd. Continue north on Whipstick for approximately 1/2 mile to Tito Lane. Turn left and head south onto Tito Lane. Trail head is 100 feet on the right. Millstone Farm
Acreage: ±71.0
Parking: Along Tito Lane
Access:Northern end of Tito Lane
Trails: One marked trail; secure permission from owners for use of other areas
Ownership: Anthony P. & Sally P. Grassi with a conservation easement granted to the Town of Wilton and the Wilton Land Conservation Trust
Land Trust Contact: Wilton Land Conservation Trust