Harrison Smith Preserve


In 1974, the Smith family kindly donated the 23-acre property to the Wilton Land Conservation Trust. The northern section of the preserve borders the state run property of Quarry Head, and the two interconnected preserves total to 60 acres of land and trails open to the public. Scattered throughout the lower elevations of Harrison Smith are exposed rock outcroppings dating back to the Devonian period (400 million years ago). These rocks were mined for local use as building materials for barns and bridges. Remnants of the rock walls that once enclosed old pastures and grazing areas for livestock can still be seen from the trail.

Highlights of Harrison-Smith Preserve

Boardwalk across wetland built by volunteers.

See project here! : https://youtu.be/fOovoSuOHwA

Large rock, perfect for climbing to enjoy the view.

Small stream.