About Us

Benefiting The Community


The Wilton Land Conservation Trust is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of open space in Wilton. Founded in 1964 by Wilton residents Morris Earle, Augustus W. Merlin, Lawrason Riggs III, and George W.D. Symonds, these farsighted founders anticipated the adverse impact of population increase and housing development on the natural resources and wildlife habitats in the Town.

The Trust is comprised of a volunteer Board of Trustees, all of whom are Wilton residents, and close to 400 members.  We work in cooperation with the town governing boards and commissions to preserve the lands, and share our mission with other land trusts in Connecticut.

The Trust currently owns, or holds conservation easements on, about 830 acres in 110 separate parcels in Wilton. Many of these parcels such as the 74 acre Gregg Preserve, the 77 acre Sackett Preserve, the 22 acre Harrison Smith Preserve, and the 16 acre Robert Hale Symonds Preserve are available to Wilton residents for passive recreational use. Many others such as the meadow at Keeler’s Ridge and the Slaughter Fields at the corner of Nod Hill and Pipers Hill contribute importantly to the rural character of our town. The Trust is striving to acquire more land for the enjoyment of Wilton residents. If our remaining open spaces are developed, they are gone forever.

We also support the community-at-large in a variety of ways, including:

  • Awarding our annual “E. Dan Cappel Senior Scholarship Award” to a superior environmental science student/community contributor from the Wilton High School
  • Sponsoring the annual Wilton High School Junior environmental book award
  • Underwriting the purchase of materials of an environmental nature at the Wilton Library (see a specific list in our “Bookshelf“)
  • Supporting environmental/open space events
  • Supporting environmental activity and causes within the town

Learn more from our Annual Reports, current news, previous news coverage, or our list of parcels.