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Save 183 Ridgefield Road


The 13-acre meadow at 183 Ridgefield Road can be preserved for public use under an agreement between Jim Fieber and the Wilton Land Conservation Trust. The Land Trust will take title to the property in the spring of 2019, once it has raised the $2.3 million needed to buy the site and make it accessible.

“This is an ambitious challenge in a very tight timeframe. Special thanks go to Jim Fieber and his family for agreeing to sell the Land Trust this prime piece of property and holding it off the market for a year while we raise the funds.”

- Peter Gaboriault, President, Wilton Land Conservation Trust

This transaction could not have happened without the generous lead donation of $750,000 from the Bauer Family Foundation and Jim Fieber’s willingness to sell the property at well below his cost basis.

Contribute to Save 183

The Wilton Land Conservation Trust has a rare opportunity to save a remarkable piece of open space by acquiring the former Schlichting family farm at 183 Ridgefield Road.

This year we ask for your philanthropic support in a big way. December 2019 is our deadline to raise $2.3 million to purchase this incredible 13-acre property from the Fieber family. If we are successful, we will preserve a place of breath-taking beauty, protect the rural character of our town and create vast public value with educational programs, hiking trails, and a place for people of all ages to enjoy fields, forests, and open sky. 

This beautiful property sits about one mile north of Wilton Center along one of only three designated Scenic Roads in Fairfield County. The developer’s original plan was to build high density “cluster” housing units on the property—a heart-wrenching idea for many in our town. Unfortunately, this scenario is still possible if the Wilton Land Conservation Trust is not successful in securing the money to purchase 183, as it will revert to the Fiebers for whatever purpose they deem appropriate. Thanks to the leadership support of the Bauer family, the Board, and other families in town, we’ve raised over $1 million to date. We will seek a grant from the State of Connecticut as well. However, we still need a generous tax-deductible donation from you. At this time we only ask that you fill out the form with your pledge to donate to Save 183, payable by December 2019, understanding that if the Land Trust is unable to raise enough funds to acquire 183, we will cancel your pledge.

Thank you very much for your thoughtful consideration. With your Save 183 donation, we will conserve a place that evokes a sense of pride in the scenic beauty of our town, adds a community-wide resource, and preserves our cultural heritage.


Peter Gaboriault and the Wilton Land ConservationTrust Board